About Us

Welcome to CREDIN PORTUGAL S.A., the company that offers you innovative and differentiated solutions for the success of your Bakery, Pastry and Confectionary business.
For these Bread, Pastry and Confectionary industries, Credin proposes a wide range of high quality products and solutions.

Convenient and easy to use, CREDIN products grant you cost saving and offer sales innovation, essential conditions to achieve success.

In the industry sector, CREDIN invests in custom designed cooperation solutions, using both national and international knowledge, supported on a long time experience, to became the most suitable partner.

As part of ORKLA group, CREDIN has the unique advantage of using all the resources of a major international group.
CREDIN is since 2004 is part of the Food Ingredients division (OFI) of the Norwegian Company ORKLA AS.

OFI operates in Europe in 22 countries, with 48 companies and 27 production units.

Today, CREDIN presents a global offer of products and concepts, answering to every need, from the small and traditional to the large and industrial companies.

We support our activities with a strong development in target areas such as: Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, Quality and Technical Assistance.

Present in Portugal, at a national level, CREDIN produces and exports also for all Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

No matter where you are and what is the dimension and nature of your business, those are the main arguments that sustain the idea that CREDIN is and always will be with You!